Our lawn care company provides personalized service for your home. Our entire family is dedicated to providing you with the highest standard of quality lawn care with services that are tailored to meet the specific needs of every lawn for your family.

Our state of the art organic services offers the latest advances in lawn care to provide outstanding care for a broad range of lawn care services. We provide a safe effective approach to lawn care needs to promote healthy turf.

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Emerald Green Lawns specializes in the care of your lawn.

We are a family owned and operated company out of Middletown, DE. We can offer you the service and care that the larger companies can’t.  We offer many organic options and traditional programs to care for your lawn. Our organic BeeSafe products are manufactured in the USA and are held to strict organic standards.

Each one of our technicians is fully trained in all of the products we offer and are fully licensed by the state to apply the products to your lawn.


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Whether you are starting with a new lawn or looking to maintain your lawn we have the right program for you. We have taken traditional lawn care and blended it with organic and safe principles.

Are you looking for the ultimate organic program? Our BeeSafe Program focuses on soil health for healthy lawns the safest way possible.

We offer a range of insect control treatments and programs for your lawn and ornamental shrubs.

Whether you want to thicken up your turf, fix bear spots or start from scratch. We have the seeding, aeration equipment and know how to get you the thick turf you desire.