Traditional Lawn Care

Our traditional program is a 6-step organic blended granular fertilizer. Our fertilizers will increase organic matter in the soil, which will increase your root growth.

Increased roots will allow your grass to survive the hot dry summers and stay green longer. Our program consists of slow release fertilizers and spot broadleaf weed control. This program can be customized to any lawn to provide you with superior results. Check out our 6-step program below and call us if you have any questions.

Traditional Lawn Care Program

  • Crabgrass Pre-emergent with Fertilizer – This application helps to prevent crabgrass outbreaks during the summer.
  • Early Spring Fertilizer – Get your lawn started on the right foot with an early spring feeding.
  • Weed and Feed Application – A spring feeding including weed control to help rid the lawn of spring weeds.
  • Summer Fertilizer Application – A summer slow release feeding to help your lawn survive the hot, dry summer.
  • Early Fall Fertilizer – A late summer/early fall application to help root growth and increase color.
  • Late Fall Fertilizer / Winterizer – A crucial application to build root structure over the winter.

We also provide full insect control plans, seeding, core areation and tree and shrub applications for your landscape.

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